Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prim Market Baskets

Simplify Market Basket
 Simplify Market Basket
has a black rim with black seagrass insert and black lasing.  I stitched the word Simplify on osnaburg with dark brown embroidery floss, aged it and attached to a black/tan print fabric.  A rusty star is attached to the top edge of the osnaburg. The basket is over-stained with my boiled walnut stain, walnuts gathered here in NW Ohio. The basket has a filled bottom - no open holes for knitting needles to fall through.   Approximate measurements - 13"long,  8" wide, basket i s 7" tall, and with the handle it is 12" tall. 

Blessings Market Basket
Blessings Market Basket  is identical to the Simplify Market Basket above with the exception that it doesn't have a rusty star attached to it.  The rim is black and the entire basket is over-stained with my boiled black walnut stain.  Approximate measurements are the same as Simplify Basket. 

Blessings Market basket  - $40.00 ppd within the continental US~SOLD~ Thank you.
Simplify Market basket - $40.00 ppd. within the continental US ~ SOLD ~ Thank you

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