Friday, August 14, 2009

Chairside Basket & Rugger's Tote Basket

The Chairside Basket. This is one of my best seller's. It sits on legs - historically baskets that sat up on legs were wool drying baskets. After you sheared your sheep, the wool was washed and put in a basket with an open weave bottom and legs that kept the basket off the floor. This way the water could drain through the holes and the air could circulate to help dry the wool. This updated version features a closed bottom - no holes for knitting needles, crochet hooks, rug hooks, etc to fall through and a handle for easy pickup. The embellishments are called "spiders" - the only kind of spider I like! The colors are a deep navy as the longest, smoked reed - brown as the middle and a denim blue for the smallest spider. Approximate measurements on this basket are: 15" long, 6" deep and with the legs and handle it is approximately 20" Tall. Stained with my own Minwax concoction. $50.00 plus shipping. This particular basket is SOLD, however I do custom orders.

Rugger's Tote Basket Not just for rug hookers, but a great tote for any crafter.

Approximate measurements on this basket are 15" long, 5" wide and 12" high. The colors used in this one are smoked reed - brown and maroon. The shaker tape handles match the maroon reed. This can also be a custom order in Navy instead of maroon. $50.00 plus shipping. This basket is SOLD, however custom baskets can be ordered.

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