Sunday, March 4, 2012

"BIG" Long & Skinny

I really do enjoy taking custom orders from all of you. I've only ever turned down one special order:  a contortionist asked me to make a basket with strategically placed holes for swords to be inserted into the basket.  This guy must have been double or triple jointed because he was going to fold himself up in this basket and have his assistant shove the swords through.  It was just all too much for me!  

The following photo was sent to me from a customer (sorry, I do not know who to give credit to for this photo) asking if I could make a basket like the one to the left of the fireplace.  Instead of mustard over black, Kelly wanted the basket stained with black walnut stain only. 

I asked Kelly to tell me what measurements she was thinking and this is what I came up with:

The ends of the basket are rounded and flare just a little bit, rather than being the squared off ends that I normally make.  I am really happy with how this basket turned out.  Now, I need to make one for myself.  I don't have a fireplace to prop it up by, but lots of other places where it would work.

If you like it too, I'd be happy to make one for you.  Just shoot me an email or contact me through Etsy.  Stained like this one is $45.00 + shipping (parcel post), 2 coats of paint (usually some color over black) and then stained is $55.00 + shipping.
Thanks to Kelly for this idea.


  1. it looks like a big peanut! i love it!

  2. Looks just like the one in the photo.
    Great job.

  3. Ann ~
    I'm sure Kelly was most pleased! You do such beautiful work.
    Hugs :)

  4. wow ann i love it! i love them all do great weaving and i love the colors! enjoy your evening!

  5. that is one big basket!
    I really like the long skinny ones!

  6. This looks exactly like the one in the picture Ann! Everyone on Facebook wants one of your baskets now!

  7. OMG! Your are so talented, They looks exactly like the one. What is the measure of that basket?