Monday, August 22, 2011

Gathering Basket & Wool Storage Basket

I've listed a couple of new baskets on my Etsy site  - 

The "Gathering Basket" - 

The above is what I had in mind when I was weaving this basket - a nice collection of prim items displayed on my dining room table - a couple of butter paddles and a crock tied with homespun and dried pods.

This is NOT what I envisioned - but should have known...

Please note: NONE of the contents are included with the basket!

The Wool Storage Basket...

Little Mr. Shadow can't squeeze himself into this one - the top is too small!  Ha!


  1. Hi, Ann

    Mr.Shadow is adorble~ looks like home~ kitties just have to fill up, baskets, barrels, crocks, what ever they can squeeze into~
    Wonderful job on the baskets~ pretties!!!

  2. that cat is so darn cute!!!! Makes you smile.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, baskets Ann - would have been a for-sure sale if contents in that second photos were included!! ;o) What an adorable little "shadow" you have there! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. dang it!!!! I want the contents in that one a silly kitty..ours do it too...have a good one..I love your baskets..I "heart" them...

  5. Oh And I thought you may have a special offer on. Buy a Basket get a Kitty
    I love your Baskets....specialy the Wool one.

  6. Love your baskets as does my family! Do come and follow me!!

  7. LOL... yep, that's what they do;-) Ornary lil buggers. Shadow does compliment the basket though.

  8. LOVE the Wool Basket, well done! I wouldn't know where to begin to weave a Basket!!
    Karen x

  9. LMBO at the contents of the basket!!!! HAHAHAHA! I so appreciate that picture!

    Carmen and the Primcats