Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Spun Wool Basket

I just added a new basket to my Etsy shop.  I've got a "thing" about black lately!  This basket is finished using Olde Century Paints - if you've never used them - they are wonderful.

For details you can visit my Etsy shop via the link on the right side of this post. 

Thanks for stopping by ~Ann


  1. I think it is gorgeous!
    Is it a brush-on paint?
    I have a difficult time finding good spray colors when I do baskets.

  2. Ann
    Wonderful job~ very pretty!!

  3. Hi I'm from Singapore! I love your creations! can they be shipped here? :)

  4. Hi, I love olde Century Paints but have to either buy themm on line or out of state. When in Mass. I pick some up. Nobody carries that brand of paint in Maine. I just opened up a Prim shop and notified them about carring their paints but it quite pricy right now where I just got going but maybe in the next year or so. Liz

  5. Your Baskets are unique and wonderful! liz

  6. Hey Ann, what lovely baskets! I stopped over because I saw your site on "BLushing Rose' as she received a giveaway with a basket of yours and mentioned your site. Well, I'm originally from Ohio; Northwest and of course I gravitate toward anything with Ohio being that Ohioians are so lovely.
    I adore your baskets..very lovely!

  7. Your baskets are so wonderful! I also live in Ohio so couldn't help but become a follower!