Monday, August 30, 2010

Painted Baskets

3 New baskets that I've updated my LPS (Lemon Poppy Seed Shoppe) with -

Round Gathering Basket - Cranberry by Olde Century Paints over black with black walnut stain. SOLD ~ Thank you Lydia 

Key Basket, same colors as above.  

Small berry basket - black with a great color called Bread Basket and walnut stain.  ~SOLD~  Thank you Theresa!

Any can be ordered directly from my LPS shoppe with Paypal.  Shipping is included.


  1. I love painting and staining baskets! It freshens them up, covers things that won't clean off. You can make them fit into any color scheme. Love them!

  2. I love your baskets, I collect them and your are great!!! I just joined your blog because I found your blog on another blog and I love it!

    I think my next post will be about baskets or some of my collection of baskets. Thanks for the idea, also if you come by my blog I am doing a HUGE Christmas giveaway when I reach almost 300 followers, so come on over!

    Prim Blessings,